Dümmer and Neal are a growing firm of accountants in Pietermaritzburg  that initially approached us to convert their Joomla website onto the WordPress platform.

From our perspective, the base brand as well as the existing site were well designed. So we largely did not tamper with the brand or the design, but rather concentrated on customising our WordPress installation to match the existing site.

This process is not at all as simple as it sounds, and it takes a considerable amount of skill and expertise to be able to match a site design or take an exacting brief from an advertising agency and implement it on a CMS framework.

As it turns out, we were looking at accounting firms in Pietermaritzburg to assist with our own accounting needs at the same time as the website build. In particular, we needed a firm that not only produced the numbers, but would be actively involved in our business – providing the kind of financial advice we entrepreneurs really need. That’s the kind of specialist support and service Dümmer and Neal are able to provide – so much more than accountants, they really are “a friend to entrepreneurs”.