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We are a balanced team of corporate video production professionals with extensive digital marketing experience. Our combined skill sets are uniquely positioned to take advantage of online video marketing opportunities, providing services that enable your business to leverage the power of digital video to get your message out.

Alistair Cotton
Team Leader

Originally trained as a journalist, Alistair is a creative entrepreneur with strong IT, web design, graphic design, photography and video experience.

Apart from his original training and experience as a journalist, Alistair has also completed numerous business short-courses focused on management and more specifically, courses on general marketing and digital marketing.

Alistair is an 11-year veteran contributor of photographic and video content to the world’s largest stock agencies including Shutterstock, Adobe Stock (Fotolia), Dreamstime and iStock Photo (Getty Images). He is also a registered photographic professional with SA Professional Photographers – an organisation that accredits membership only through peer review.

Andile Mthembu
Videographer & Editor

While at school in rural Richmond, KwaZulu-Natal, Andile took drama and developed a dream that he would one day be able to produce his own films.

However, since Andile did not have the resources to attend film school and had no opportunities to work in the industry, he took employment at a local bed factory.

In his own time and with no funding, Andile produced his first of five films, “Money makes the world go around”. Andile took multiple roles in the development of this film, including producer, director, script-writer, actor, cameraman and editor. He did all this with no training and no budget.

When we heard Andile’s story, we immediately recognised a passionate and creative “entrepreneurial spirit”. We have responded by making a position available for Andile to grow further with his passion and have exposed him to professional corporate videography, editing on the Apple platform with Final Cut X and stock video production.

Bradley Bell
Visual Effects Artist and Animator

From the age of ten, Bradley has been teaching himself the visual effects and animation skills required to produce cutting edge visual effects and animation for all kinds of video and film applications.

Brad has improved his skills outside of the commercial environment by shooting, acting in and editing his own live action and animated short features – even stop motion LEGO or “brickfilms”.

Bradley began his relationship with Global Latitude in 2017 by contributing animation-based stock videos to our global portfolio. His skill and enthusiasm has led to a full-time position in 2018.

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